Thursday, April 06, 2006


Time for a rant. Today saw what could be yet another landmark in the death of democracy. Republican Senators agreed to a very bad “compromise” immigration reform bill.

This “compromise” grants immediate amnesty to seven million illegal aliens. Permanent residency now, citizenship in five years, provided they pay a modest fine and some amount of back taxes. (Does anyone think it will be possible to assess such back taxes accurately, or that there will be any will to exclude a candidate over a disputed amount?) I wouldn't be surprised if that the amnesty is on-going, too: i.e. no requirement that the illegal report in now, but available whenever he gets caught later on.

Three million more illegals can get legal residence as “temporary workers” by visiting a “point of entry” (the nearest international airport, for instance). They have to leave the U.S., allegedly, but are guaranteed re-entry and six years of residency. That's six years to marry a citizen or permanent resident, or have a child, or find some other loophole. And does anyone think that there will be any effort to find and deport these “temps” at the end of their probation?

In addition, the bill will admit 400,000 more “temporaries” each year.

The Democrats gave up nothing, as far as I can tell. When Republicans wanted to exclude convicted felons from the amnesty, the Democrats screamed that this would “gut” the bill.

Nothing much will be done to secure the border. Nothing at all will be done to enforce the laws against employing illegals.

In short, this “reform” bill does nothing to get rid of any current illegals, and nothing to deter any future illegals.

How is this the death of democracy? Because every segment of the American public opposes this policy; only among recent Hispanic immigrants is opposition merely lukewarm. The admission of large numbers of low-skill immigrants drives down wages for low-skill Americans, such as blacks and teenagers. But Congress is apparently compelled to do it anyway. It doesn't matter what the people want; what matters is elite opinion - in the press, the academy, and the foundations, all well-known hives of left-wing sentiment. Republicans sometimes defy the institutional Left, but on this issue they are listening exclusively to business lobbyists, whose clients love that cheap illegal labor. (Every drive to enforce the hiring laws has been shot down by business opposition.)

Republicans will almost certainly pay for this in November; a lot of alienated Republican voters will stay home. Republicans will certainly pay for it in the long term. These millions of illegals will become 90% Democrat voters, led carefully to the polls by left-wing ethnic-activist groups funded by the foundations and the government, and gerrymandered into safe “majority-minority” Democrat districts.

So: on an issue of critical national importance, what the people what means nothing. And Republicans (the Stupid Party) are collaborating in their own long-term destruction.


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